THE FUTURE – Summary Chart

A quick review chart to help you remember how to form and how to use the four different verb tenses and which is best for every different possible situations.


Long Term Life Plans

  • I’m going to study biology at University

Be going to


  • We’re going to spend our holidays in Tuscany

Something About to Happen

  • Watch out! the mirror is going to fall on your head.

Present Continuous

Planned Future Activities

  • They are meeting their supervisor at 10 am Tomorrow

Present Simple

Fixed Time

  • Our train Leaves at 09:15.



  • It will be foggy in the afternoon


  • I hope he will pass his final exam

Future Facts

  • I will be 16 on my next birthday

Opinions About the Future

  • We expect the economic crisis will last for several more years.


  • I promise I will study more next year

Sudden Decisions

  • Don’t worry I will come to pick you up at the station tonight.

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