I teach English Literature and I very much enjoy my field of work. I also enjoy writing about the topics I deal with in my class lessons, but writing in general is an activity that enriches me deeply as it allows me to stop and ponder on various issues taking due time to express my thoughts thoroughly and carefully. Blogging, then, gives me the opportunity to look at life, and not only literature or art, at a slower pace to drink in all its beauty. Insegno inglese in un liceo linguistico e lo faccio con grande entusiasmo e piacere. Mi diverto anche a preparare dispense per i miei studenti, ma la scrittura in generale mi appassiona perché mi consente di riflettere su svariati argomenti prendendomi il tempo necessario per analizzarli ed esprimerli con cura. Tenere un blog, dunque, mi offre la possibilità di osservare la vita, e non solo la letteratura o l’arte in genere, con uno sguardo più attento per coglierne tutta la bellezza.

An Honor Student in the Bronx – an excerpt from – “The Bonfire of Vanities” by T. Wolfe

“Actually, I’m calling to inquire about one of your students, a young Mr. Henry Lamb” “Henry Lamb. Doesn’t ring a bell. What’s he done?” “Oh, he hasn’t done anything. He’s … Continue reading An Honor Student in the Bronx – an excerpt from – “The Bonfire of Vanities” by T. Wolfe

“The Just-Created Adam”- “PARADISE LOST” (1667), J. Milton

For Man to tell how human life began Is hard; for who himself beginning Knew Desire with thee still longer to converse Induced me. As new waked from soundest sleep … Continue reading “The Just-Created Adam”- “PARADISE LOST” (1667), J. Milton

“Satan’s Speech” – “PARADISE LOST” (1667), J. Milton

“Is this the Region, this the Soil, the Clime,” Said then the lost Arch Angel, “this the seat That we must change for Heav’n, this mournful gloom For that celestial … Continue reading “Satan’s Speech” – “PARADISE LOST” (1667), J. Milton


This post can be useful to find on the spot all the English verb tenses including when and how they are used with sample sentences provided on the last column.
Questo post può essere utile per trovare con facilità tutti i tempi verbali della lingua inglese corredati di una colonna con modalità di utilizzo e una per frasi con esempi tipo.