This post is meant to help learners study the topic through key words and concepts, it’s more of a rough summary than what would be a more insightful and deeper analysis of the historical time which you can find here and which I strongly reccommend, of course for a more thorough understanding.

Cover Page
Victorian Compromise
The White Man's Burden
Economic Crisis (1850/70)
The Economic Crisis - made simple
Imperialism in numbers
Difference between colonialism and imperialism explained plainly
Industrialisation and its impact
Scientific Discoveries - Darwin and the Origin of Species
Philosophical Movements: Oxford Movement and Darwinism
Karl Marx and its attack on capital
Utilitarianism, Bentham and John Sturat Mill
Social Reforms
Social Reforms
The Victorian Age and Women's Emancipation - key concept
The Suffraggette Movement - Emmeline Pankhurst
Economic Independence, contraception and greater personal awareness - key words

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