The Puritan Age and John Milton

Essay Questions Choose one of the following What were the causes that led to the Civil War, explain them. What were the religious and practical differences between Anglicans and Dissenters? … Continue reading The Puritan Age and John Milton

THE AUGUSTAN AGE (1714-1760)

THE GENERAL OUTLINE A New Dinasty on the Throne of Britain: the Hanoverians The Augustan Age falls under the reign of king George I of the House of Hanover. He … Continue reading THE AUGUSTAN AGE (1714-1760)


The Restoration (1660-1685) The execution of Charles I shook up all European monarchs and the leading aristocracy. It was the first time in history that a ruling monarch was beheaded by … Continue reading THE RESTORATION (1660-1685) and THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION (1688-1714)

THE PURITAN AGE (1625-1660)

He who stops being better stops being good. Oliver Cromwell  A GENERAL OUTLOOK 17th century England faced great social changes, the progress that these changes brought about provided better standards of living for … Continue reading THE PURITAN AGE (1625-1660)


THE VICTORIAN AGE OR AGE OF IMPERIALISM INTRODUCTION This is perhaps one of the most fascinating times of our history full of conquests – scientific, territorial, social and intellectual – but, … Continue reading THE VICTORIAN AGE (1830-1901)