The Puritan Age and John Milton

Essay Questions

Choose one of the following

  1. What were the causes that led to the Civil War, explain them.
  2. What were the religious and practical differences between Anglicans and Dissenters?
  3. How did the devolopment of the Middle Class affect the outbreak of strong political conflicts?
  4. John Milton is not only a highly regarded poet and intellectual, he also was an influential politician during Cromwell’s rule, how did his public achievements influence his literary works, especially his masterpiece, Paradise Lost.
  5. Why is Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost such an impressive literary character? Describe him and explain your reasons.
  6. Describe, explain, and compare with previous literary heroes, Milton’s protagonist in Paradise Lost. What is inspired by English literary tradition and what is new in his style and themes?

© L. R. Capuana

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