There are 25 students in the class that will be divided in 5 groups with 5 students in each one. The 5 groups will choose a novel each. The novels chosen do not have to be necessarily English novels, but they all must be classics, therefore from the 18th, 19th or 20th centuries.


Each student of each group then will have to choose a topic to analyse and then to present to the rest of the class, each presentation will last 10 minutes. The presentations of each student in the group must be a single part of a whole, therefore it will blend with the rest so as to create a narrative. The students may do the research on their own, but they will have to work together in a team in order to decide how to develop their narrative. Moreover, the students may choose to execute their presentation by using images, for instance to show the fashion of the time, or to show the environments. These can be collected in a power point presentation or they can use any other digital mode they wish.

Topics to choose from:

  1. Plot of the novel
    • what’s the story about
    • the plot must be summarized so that the other classmates can understand what happens within the novel
  2. Analysis of main characters (who are they, what they do, why are they important, how they interact with one another and how they develop in the story)
  3. Historical background
    • a brief account of the main events of the country in which the novel is set
    • how does it affect the novel, if it does, and why doesn’t it if not
  4. Fashion and lifestyle of the time; environment in which the characters live
  5. Summing up: the student will collect the other students’ impressions, ideas, opinions and his/her own regarding the novel and all of the above and relate to the others the final outcome:
    • did they find it intersting? Why or why not? (Some may have, others may have not, why do their opinions differ?)
    • What impressed them most or least? Why?
    • Would they have changed something? What and why?
    • What did they learn from it?
All must answer and give reasons for their answers.
the charlie brown gang
Evaluation Criteria: (2.5 points each, for a total of 10)
  • Language proficiency (grammar, syntax and pronunciation)
  • Contents
  • Depth of Information
  • Quality of presentation

At the end of all the presentations students will give their personal reviews of the other classmates’ works, therefore they will take notes for the final group discussion.

All the information researched must be supported by bibliography or webliography.



All images are taken from Google search

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