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The following grids may be useful for my students to understand the grading of written work or oral testing during the school year.

If you have any questions please feel free to post a comment, I will be more than happy to provide an answer, or ask in class.

Remember, evaluation is, most of all, useful for you. It is designed so that you can pin-point weak points in your work that need improving and the strong ones that should be maintained.

But, above all, remember marks are not meant to be identified with you or your personality, rather to help you learn how to do better, if necessary.

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1. CONTENT: (suitability of points, examples, reasoning) (Tot. 5)

  • Content is unsuitable (1.00)
  • Partial understanding of requirements, copying down parts of text rather than providing personal contribution (1.50)
  • Significant understanding of requirements, simple but personal contribution (2.00)
  • Global understanding of requirements, contents generally meaningful and well expressed (3.00)
  • Clear and meaningful exposition  (4.00)
  • Fully understands requirements, complete suitability of points, examples and reasoning (5.00)

2. ORGANIZATION: (logical structure, logical flow, paragraphing)    (Tot. 2)          

  • No clear structure, redundant, inadequate paragraphing (.50)
  • Has a definite structure but may lack logical or clear flow of ideas and/or be unbalanced or inadequately paragraphed (1.0)
  • Generally well organized but may lack clear flow of ideas and/or may not be well organized in its logical flow and/or not well paragraphed  (1.5)
  • Proper structural organization, logical  flow of ideas, appropriate paragraphing (2.0)

3. GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY: (sentence structure, usage, punctuation, choice of words, variety in expression, spelling)             (Tot. 3)         

  • Many serious errors, no variety, sentences copied down from text (.50)
  • Many errors, mostly correct usage, but little vocabulary variety (1.0)
  • Some errors, almost correct usage and some variety of vocabulary (1.5)
  • Few errors, almost fully corrrect (2.0)
  • Simple and almost fully correct, some variety (2.5)
  • Correct and appropriate, varied (may have very few minor errors) (3.0)
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1. CONTENT and ORGANIZATION:  (suitability of points, examples, reasoning, logical structure, logical flow, flexibility in connecting various topics) (Tot. 5)

  • Content is unsuitable, the logical flow of ideas is not clearly structured or concepts are learned by heart (1.0)
  • Partial acquisition of content, has a definite structure but may be unbalanced or inadequately expressed (2.0)
  • Global acquisition of content, generally well organized but, may lack clear flow of ideas (3.0)
  • Almost complete acquisition of content, significant speaking skill and almost proper flexibility in connecting various topics (4.0)
  • Complete acquisition of content, discussion is well organized and has appropriate flow of ideas, good flexibility in connecting various topics (5.0)

2. GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY: (sentence structure, usage, pronunciation and intonation, choice of words, usage and variety in expression)

(Tot. 5)                                                                                                   

  • Many serious errors, no variety, words used wrongly, lacking pronunciation and intonation proficiencies (1.0)
  • Some errors, partial correct usage, pronunciation and intonation, little variety of words (2.0)
  • Mostly correct usage, pronunciation and intonation, but little variety of words (3.0)
  • Few errors, almost fully correct usage, pronunciation and intonation, some variety (4.0)
  • Varied, correct and appropriate (may have very few minor errors) (5.0)
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1. READING COMPREHENSION (Tot. 4)                                                       

  • Almost no comprehension (0)
  • Partial comprehension (1)
  • Basic comprehension (2)
  • Overall comprehension (3)
  • Detailed comprehension (4)

2. ORGANIZATION: (logical structure, logical flow, paragraphing)

(Tot. 3)                                                                                                                    

  • No clear structure, no paraphrasing (rewording) (0)
  • Has a definite structure but may be unbalanced or inadequately paragraphed  (1)
  • Generally well organized but may lack clear flow of ideas (2)
  • Well organized, good flow, appropriate paragraphing (3)

3. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY (sentence structure, choice of vocabulary, usage, spelling, variety)

(Tot. 3)

  • Many serious errors, no variety, words used wrongly (0)
  • Some errors, mostly correct usage but little variety  (1)
  • Few errors, almost fully correct, some variety (2)
  • Correct and appropriate (may have some minor errors), adequate vocabulary, correct and appropriate usage (3)
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This last evaluation grid is employed to evaluate students during the National Final Examination and it is nationally standardised in the parts in bold letters, the single marks instead may vary accordingly and are adopted individually by teachers.

The following, thus is just an example to give students an overall idea of what to expect.


Reading Comprehension: 5 – Student recognizes information

  • 1: very limited understanding.
  • 2: partial understanding
  • 3: significant understanding of its essential elements
  • 4: global understanding of the text’s overall explicit elements
  • 5: full understanding of the text’s explicit and implicit aspects

Interpretation of Text: 5  – Student interprets information and answers questions

  • 1: very limited interpretation, answers don’t fulfill requirements
  • 2: partial interpretation and copies-down parts of text to answer questions
  • 3: interprets text in its overall aspects and gives simple but personal answers
  • 4: global interpretation and answers questions clearly and with proper reasoning
  • 5: fully grasps meaning and interprets correctly the text giving accurate and complete answers

Written Production: 5 – Student stays on the main topic and recognises literary genre (suitability of points, examples and reasoning)

  • 1: Off topic and irrelevant to requirements
  • 2: doesn’t fulfill requirements – contents are limited, partial suitability of points, examples and reasoning
  • 3: partially fulfills requirements – contents are simple but generally suitable with pertaining examples and reasoning
  • 4: global fulfillment of requirements – contents are generally meaningful,  examples and reasoning relevant
  • 5: fully accurate – rich and appropriate contents, clear and insightful

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