Video Lesson n. 2 – Virginia Woolf and the Stream of Consciousness

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) was the first English writer to experiment and develop the Stream of Consiousness that derives from the interior monologue and aims at investigating the characters’ inner existence, a subjective narrative technique that merges the constant flow of past and present in a masterful blend.

To conclude I would like to turn to Professor H. Strode’s beautiful thoughts on Mrs. Woolf’s literary art:

(…) no other English novelist has ever written more dazzling passages of poetry undefiled than Virginia Woolf. Like the great poets–Shakespeare, Donne, Shelley, Blake–Mrs. Woolf could say the unsayable, and it is there in her books for those who have ears attuned to unheard melodies, even if they can never recommunicate it in any language except Mrs. Woolf’s own precisely”.

© L. R. Capuana

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