Open Questions on “Beowulf” HOMEWORK

  • Why does Beowulf refuse to rest and chooses battle instead? What Anglo-Saxon concept does our hero emphasize with the following words:

It is Always better

to avenge dear ones than to indulge in mourning.

For everyone of us, living in this world

Means waiting for our end. Let whoever can

Win glory before Death. When a warrior is gone

That will be his best and only bulwark.

  •  How does the description of Beowulf’s war gear convey to the audience the idea of the heroe’s strength, bravery and the overcoming of his fear of death? Use the extract to support your statements.
  •  How is Beowulf’s funeral described? Use the excerpt to support your statements
  •  What do his people fear? What will be their fate after the death of such a brave king and man? Use the excerpt to support your statements.
  • Briefly outline Beowulf’s heroic ethic and what the Germanic warrior society is based on and why.
  • What are some atypical Christian elements present in Beowulf and why do some scholars date its composition around 790 A. D.?


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