PAST TENSES – Video Lesson n. 1 – Past Simple

This is the first video lesson of, what will probably be quite a long series of such posts, on grammar. It deals specifically with the PAST SIMPLE, how it is formed, when and how it is used. It’s basic grammar and useful in many ways.

For my students of this school year (2019/2020) is a quick review because we went through it in class before the shutdown due to the emergency regarding the corona virus.

As I always recommend in class, a good way to learn is to write down, with pen and paper, what might seem as a merely mechanical gesture, like writing, it in fact helps to almost subconsciously ingrain the spelling and even the pronounciation of words that are not always easily remembered.

Therefore, watch the video, listen carefully and then copy down the notes on your English notebook!

© L. R. Capuana

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