Reading in class project

This project aims, first and foremost, to promote in students the pleasure of collective reading aloud. It is meant to help them appreciate the sounds of the language through learning the proper pronunciation and intonation of vocabulary that they are not accustomed to as well, at the same time, it is meant to help overcome the natural resistance towards the actual use of a foreign language thanks to the practice of acting out the narration, thus performing.

Another purpose pursued is that of analysing the structure of the sentence, observing grammar and literary uses, while concurrently pondering on the language itself by gathering insight on its different uses according to context and register employed. The textual analysis will also help them progressively advance in the necessary skills to interpret and comprehend contents as well as syntax.

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Author's brief biography - Doris Lessing
Author's brief biography - Doris Lessing, p. 2
Author's brief biography - Doris Lessing, p. 3

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